How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Drive

General Suggestions

Like/Follow YouGiveGoods for tips:

Tag us and we’ll retweet/share your post

Be creative! Use pictures, as well as words, to tell the world about your drive.

Don’t be afraid to ask others to share your posts. (Go ahead and post on your drive page that you want your supporters or friends to promote your drive!) Posts/tweets that ask are 60% more likely to be shared.

# (hash tags) are a great way to alert an audience outside of your network on Twitter and Google Plus about your drive. Some popular nonprofit hashtags are:

  • #CharityTuesday
  • #FoodDrive
  • #dogood
  • #nonprofits
  • #volunteer
  • #fundraising
  • #crowdfunding
  • #csr (corporate social responsibility)

Suggested Social Media Posts

Announce your Drive

We’re running an online (drive type) drive to support (name of nonprofit)! Check it out at (drive web address)

Check out our @yougivegoods drive at (web address)

Please help us reach our goal of collecting enough to help (X number of people or animals). Donate online at (web address).

Retweet/Share this: we’re hosting an online (drive type) at (web address)

Promote your Cause

Hunger/Homeless Pets is/are closer than you think…. we’re proud to be a part of the solution by creating a drive @yougivegoods. Donate at (web address)

Make Drive Updates

We've raised XX amount. Just XX to go to our goal. Donate at (web address) Just X number of days left to donate. You can do so online at (web address)

Announce Your Donation

We’re proud to support (the name of nonprofit) and challenge you to participate too! (drive web address)

Announce Your Success

Thanks to everyone that supported our drive. Check all our donations out at (web address) Thank you to all our friends/employees/members/etc for supporting (nonprofit name). We raised (amount) at (web address).

For additional support, please contact Diane Frain at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..